Safety Valves

Safety Relief Valves / Pressure Relief Valves

The main characteristics of a safety valve is to guardthe property and life. The Safety valves should be installed wherever the maximum allowable working pressure of a system or pressure containing vessel is likely to be exceeded, in particular under fault conditions due to the failure of another piece of equipment in the system.

The term “Safety Valve” and “Relief Valve” are general terms to define a variety of pressure relief devices. A wide range is available based on the application and required performance criteria. The different designs are required to meet numerous national standards.

Pressure excess can be generated in a number of different ways as follow:

  • Failure of a cooling system allowing vapour or fluid to expand
  • Compressed air or electrical power failure to control instrumentation
  • Plant fires
  • During the start-up conditions of a plant


  • Compliance with API 526
  • Diverse selection of high-alloy materials available as standard
  • Extendedperiod due to hardened discs, partly stellited seats and integrated shielding
  • Single trim: Equal internal parts for cost-effective maintenance
  • Surpasses the tightness requirements of API 527 by 50%
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